Looking for innovative, cost-effective solutions at the forefront of emerging digital health technologies?

Patient engagement, mHealth, Healthcare Analytics, Telehealth, Interoperability?

We offer a complete range of healthcare information-technology consulting services. We have deep understanding of the regulatory needs of healthcare industry (HIPAA), patient data and privacy of IT systems. We partner with global healthcare brands to deliver technology innovation and integration. Our team has extensive experience in mobile strategy as well as building secure mobile and web applications/portals. If you need help with software architecture, implementation, development we'd love to work with you.

Examples of our Consulting Experience

* Smartphone Apps for Clinical Research

* HIPPA-complaint mobile applications

* Customized, scalable and cost-effective "real-time" patient management solutions for conducting clinical trials.

* Mobile portal strategy for an integrated care platform

* Healthcare centric applications for wearable devices

* Telehealth app for a large hospital

* Projects driven by meaningful use, health information exchange and ICD-10

* Secure messaging application for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers for sending text messages, videos, and photos.

* Mobile-based service that integrates with Epic EHR

* Healthcare analytics for improving profitability

* Apps usng Apple's HealthKit, Research Kit, Google Fit, Microsoft Health

* Consumer Telehealth App - patients can access their doctors via their mobile phones

* Customized, scalable and cost-effective "real-time" patient management solutions for at-risk populations.

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