Mobile and digital health solutions to help engage consumers and providers and optimize care for patients

iHealth Ventures, LLC focuses on creating mobile healthcare apps to help you improve your health and live a healthy lifestyle. Our interactive smartphone apps bolster patient engagement helping drive real behavior change to achieve your health goals. Our personal health management solutions can help improve care management between patient and providers.

Your goals can be related to Losing weight, Healthy Heart, Fitness & Exercise, Wellness, Eating well, Sleep, Diabetes, Making better Food and Nutrition choices, Managing stress, Medication management and more.. We make it easy for patients to monitor their health conditions, improve recovery and simplify chronic disease management (such as for diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, obesity, hypertension, asthma, etc) for Better Health by leveraging smartphone, sensors and tablet technology. Some of our products include mobile apps, self-management tools and trackers, wellness apps incorporating social gaming.

Health Care Providers, Clinics & Hospitals looking for HIPAA compliant mobile health solutions for improving care management, please contact Our patient engagement tools include medication adherence, appointment scheduling, caregiver tools, health and wellness mobile apps, disease specific apps and preventive care apps.

Mobile Pharmacy Solutions - Mobile pharmacy apps that drive digital patient engagement and adherence. Pharmaceutical companies looking to advertise on mobile apps (mobile ads for prescription drugs), contact

We partner with leading brands to reach an influential audience actively engaged across our network. Our apps is the one place where your brand becomes part of the daily life of your customers. Connect your brand to target audiences through our unique, custom solutions for direct-to-consumer and direct-to-physician marketing campaigns.

We efficiently and effectively maximize revenues for our partners. Join our premium partners. For more information on becoming a partner, contact

Corporate wellness programs looking to reduce costs by increasing employee corporate wellness participation using our mobile apps, please contact . Workplace health programs are designed to promote healthy behaviors; improve employees' health knowledge and skills and more..

Physicians looking to prescribe health apps to patients, email us at for more details. We have apps for all specialities customizable to individual patients needs.

Healthcare tracking: looking for fitness and wellness solutions, email us at for more details.

Healthcare provider organizations: looking for partners for innovative healthcare projects focussing on:

  • Patient compliance.
  • Helping healthcare professionals in clinical problem solving.
  • Prevention.
  • Healthy habits.
  • Patient empowerment.
  • Improve health in the workspace.
  • Motivation.
  • Awareness of possible medical conditions.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Research laboratory work.
  • Predicting behavior.
  • Health checks, Quantified Self apps
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iHealth Ventures for Hope

iHealth Venture's commitment to social development

We strongly believe in providing people with valuable interactive solutions for nutrition, health and wellness that make a difference to their lives. Our founders have strong commitment to invest sustainably and develop innovative partnerships for social development in developing countries to serve hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.


iHealthVentures selected for Inaugural Class of Certified Health Apps

by Happtique's (a subsidiary of the Greater New York Hospital Association). Happtique created the Health App Certification Program (HACP), which assesses the operability, privacy, security, and content of medical, health, and fitness apps

RWJF's Aligning Forces Challenge

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation selects iHealth Ventures as a semi-finalist for the Aligning Forces for Quality healthcare innovation competition challenge

Mobile technology poised to enable a new era in health care

"Smart mobile devices and applications, working in concert with cloud computing, social networking and big data analytics, will be at the core of global health care transformation. These transformative technologies will continue to lead with ways to help rein in cost, broaden access, change behaviors and improve outcomes."

Pat Hyek, Global Technology Industry Leader, Ernst & Young

"We are moving toward a future with smaller implantable sensors, patient-controlled mobile devices, real-time data, remote services that assist patients and caregivers and more." Stephen Oesterle, M.D. Senior Vice President for Medicine and Technology, Medtronic Inc.