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Patient engagement + Care Coordination
Communicate with physician,
     nurse, caregiver
Secure texting, video conferencing
Analytics for health intelligence
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Slide background Mobile and digital health solutions to help engage consumers and providers and optimize care for patients
Emerging digital health technologies
Slide background Transform the clinical trial experience for patients. Increase patient engagement with the clinical research process.
Slide background Slider image Mobile Apps for Increasing Hospital Revenue
and Patient Engagement
Looking to launch a compelling portfolio of
Hospital apps quickly?
  • Quickly customized to your Hospital needs and branding

  • Health records, schedule appointments, lab tests results, medication details & reminders

  • Deliverable natively across iPhone, Android, and iPad

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Slide background mHealth ecosystem Wearables for inexpensive continuous monitoring with little manual intervention
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iPhone/iPad Apps


Android Apps


Featured Products

I.C.E.( In Case of Emergency ).

"Keep track of your Medical Emergency contacts,your Allergies/reactions,Medications, Medical conditions ...

Glucose Tracker (iDiabetes)

"Blood Glucose Tracker (iDiabetes) is an easy to use app for iPhone, iPad ...

Medication Tracker (iMedications)

"Do you forget to take the medications? iMedications is an easy to use medication management app to help you remind ...

Cholesterol Tracker (iCholesterol)

"Cholesterol Tracker (iCholesterol) with integrated medication reminder for ...